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We used three custom MAXScripts in the development of Invasion. They have only been tested with 3ds max 4. Click on the links below to download them.

It is not necessary to download these scripts to play the game. The level file is also editable by hand. These scripts just make it easier. To use the scripts add them to toolbar buttons.

InvasionAttributes - applies custom attributes to the 3ds max scene. These attributes affect how the level is output. There are attributes for materials, meshes, and lines. Look at the provided .max file for details.

InvasionExport - creates the level file. Every mesh must have a texture or have the do not export attribute checked.

MeshSnap - exports each frame of an animation as a separate mesh. It is able to export any file type supported by 3ds max's export command, including plugins. We used it to export .obj files for the flag animation. There are probably better ways to do this with MAXScript, but it works.

Note: these scripts are officially unsupported and they have not been broadly tested. However, if you have any questions about them feel free to email us.

Using gmax instead of 3ds max

It should be possible to use the InvasionExport script with gmax. To do so remove "to:ostream" from all format commands. This will direct the output to the Listener where you can copy the text and paste it in a new file.


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